A short history

First public gig at 12 years of age (I was very nervous).

University Radio Society
One of a handful of members of a group that began the bid for a license for the station that became 99.3FM EDGE Radio, 2003 CBAA Community Radio Station of the Year.

2003 - 2007
Co-presenter, Radio Radio Radio
First regular show to go to air on 99.3FM EDGE Radio, Hobart, moving from 10pm slot to drive-time over a four-year period, exposing local audiences to global sounds.

2004 - 2009
Co-founder, label manager, promoter, Disconnect Records
Promoted dozens of highly successful tours from interstate and international bands through Tasmania, seeking whenever possible to include regional centres and to make shows all ages. Released seven records from Tasmanian artists, selling out several pressings of 500 records without a distributor or parent label. Awarded Best Tasmanian Release, 2007, and Best Promoter, 2008 at Amplified Awards, Tasmanian’s music industry awards.

2005 - 2008
Founder, administrator, The Rat Palace
In response to a series of closures of DIY rehearsal venues, and lack of affordable studio spaces for emerging artists, I called together three bands and four visual artists and formed The Rat Palace Collective, which began working out of a freezing former church in Hobart’s city centre. The Rat Palace continues to provide a secure, affordable space for musicians and emerging artists to practice their craft, and has hosted many intimate all-ages shows and several exhibitions.

Listen to some music I helped make

Listen to some podcasts I have guested on

All my friends are in bar bands
Host - David James Young
Episode 13 - My friends Jamie Hay and Liam White

Oblivious Maximus
Host - Aaron Osborne
Episode 5 - Jamie Hay and Liam White


Cascades - Cascades LP (independent)
Cascades - Ceaseless digital demo (independent)
Future Envy - Everything Takes Forever LP (independent)
Jamie Hay / Liam White - Water Memory digital EP (independent)
Jamie Hay - King of the Sun LP (Hobbledehoy)
Following Sea - 7” (independent)
Following Sea - Demo CD (independent)
The Scandal - Edges / Seasickness 7” (Disconnect Records)
The Scandal - Never Hold To Shore (Disconnect Records)
The Scandal - Safe Like Vampires (independent)
The Scandal / Stand Defiant split EP (Disconnect Records)
The Scandal - Clean Nails / Not Jazz, Reggae EP (independent)
The Scandal - Six Twenty-Four cassette demo

Compilations / appearances

Fear Like Us - Succour LP (additional vocals)
Jamie Hay / Liam White - Spray Paint (Goatsound Damaged reinterpretation)
Jamie Hay / Liam White - Mother Middle East (Radelaide 2015 mixtape)
Lincoln le Fevre - Resonation (additional vocals)
Ride The Tiger - Ambush (additional guitar writing)
The Bad Luck Charms - Almanac (additional vocals)
The Scandal - Edges (Poison City Poison The World IV compilation)
The Scandal - Apology (demo - Pee Records compilation)