This project is a collaboration between two Melbourne-based artists, Ada Conroy and Liam White.

These are the stories of women who have played an important part in the punk and hardcore scene in Melbourne.
Being punk is not gender-specific – it’s not just boys who make and do things.

Growing up out of step with the world, we found in punk and hardcore a source of inspiration, support, empowerment and acceptance.
And yet, in 2011, within our own scene, women are still seen as somebody’s girlfriend, still play in ‘girl bands’, and still discouraged from
playing an active role in making music.
We own this scene. These bands and this music is ours. It’s up to us to make it better.

Each image has been developed and hand-printed at home, and each story has been taken from interviews with participants.
Ada and Liam would like to extend a heartfelt thankyou to participants.